We have more than thirty-five years experience with surfaces of all types.

We wash painted and stained wood, fiber cement board, brick, stucco, vinyl and aluminum siding, plus wood decks, cement and brick walkways, patios and driveways.

No roofs.

We use professional equipment and wash with utmost care.

 Whether your goal is simply to clean, or to prepare for repainting or staining, we use the lowest pressure that is effective, and will recommend washing certain items by hand.

We protect your home and property and take special care of your landscaping.

We will recommend moving fragile items and will cover adjacent areas as needed. We use green products, and rinse plants and the ground before, during and after cleaning.

Expert Pressure-Washing in Henderson, Buncombe, Polk County, NC
Power Washing & Cleaning by Sterling Property Services

Whether your goal is simply to clean, or to prepare for repainting or staining, we use the lowest amount of pressure that’s effective, and in some cases will recommend washing by hand.



some pressure-washing references

Roger cleaned the exterior of our house in Saluda and did a fabulous job. There is such a difference between a contractor who simply shoots a cleaning solution on a house and rinses, and a professional like Roger who pays such attention to detail and takes pride in the work he performs. I couldn’t believe how good our house looked! There is also a lot to be said about peace of mind knowing that you are working with someone who is insured.

Tom and Lyn Williamson

Saluda, NC

Sandy, a big thanks to you and Roger! The house looks great. Roger did a great power-washing of the entire outside. The dirt, mold, and mildew are completely gone. It looks like it has just been painted! Roger arrived on the job as scheduled both days. The job was completed exactly as described. I am glad the neighbors gave us the referral information so that we could work with you.

Jack and Charlotte Morgan

Highland Lake, Flat Rock, NC

Wow! What an amazing and meticulous job you did in pressure-washing our house. It looks like we have a brand new new home. You took extra care to ensure that no landscaping was damaged. You were also very helpful in noticing areas that need our attention and how to go about fixing them. From the beginning, starting the quote process all the way to the end, you and Sandy made the process easy and efficient. We would not hesitate to refer your services to anyone. Thank you.

Todd and Barbara Thoman

Hendersonville, NC

Roger did a great job cleaning the gutters and pressure-washing our house. He removed all the mold, stains and spiders webs, while making sure the cleaning agents didn’t damage our foundation plantings. The result is the house looks like it did the day we moved in!

Greg and Patty Gibson

The Cliffs Valley, Travelers Rest, SC

Our house (white) was just expertly power-washed by Roger Ness of Sterling Property Services. He was punctual, polite, efficient and very knowledgeable on a variety of subjects. He gave us a verbal and written description of what would be done, and the cost. The results were excellent and as he had described. His friendly, honest, open-minded/flexible attitude made a very pleasant experience. Roger is an efficient professional whom we would definitely hire again for house washing or painting.

Joe and Claudia Gondolf

Hendersonville, NC

It was such a pleasure working with Roger. He did a great job on the power-washing today and we are so happy that everything looks so good. Now we don’t have to paint!

Rick and Carol Steif

The Cliffs Valley, Travelers Rest, SC

What an excellent job you did with pressure-washing our home! Roger is so meticulous with the details, and even cleaned our patio furniture. We have never had anyone do such a great job at such a reasonable price, and will be recommending him to anyone that needs their home cleaned with as much care as he provides. Definitely a step above the rest!

David and Brenda Glover

Hendersonville, NC

I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the care of my house that was done by Sterling Property Services. I saw Roger working on another house in the neighborhood and stopped to talk with him. Because of his knowledge and experience of being a painter and then all of he and his wife have done to find out the best information on how to power wash and clean a house that has mold and mildew, I chose him to clean the outside of my home.

I am extremely pleased by his work and would recommend him to anyone…not only for the cleaning of my house on the outside, but if anyone needs to have their house painted. His experience and knowledge of the craft comes through as he explains what needs to be done on your house. His friendliness and openness is what “sold: me on Roger and Sterling Property Services. He tells you everything he is doing and has done while he is working and when the job is complete.

Sandie Salvaggio-Walker

Highland Lake, Flat Rock, NC

This is just a note to tell you how pleased Roxanne and I are with the results of the pressure-washing of our home. We were afraid it was going to be impossible to remove the dirt and mold, but Roger assured us he could do the job, and he certainly did. I can’t believe how he was able to work so efficiently at such heights. Please use our name for referrals. We would be happy to pass along the great experience we had to anyone who is considering your company.

Tom and Roxanne Schmidt

Hendersonville, NC

We wish to express our thanks for the quality job you did in pressure-washing our home. We were impressed with both the itemized scope of work presented prior to the job and with the meticulous manner in which the pressure-washing and mold removal was done. We will be happy to contact you when the need arises again and will refer you without hesitation. Thank you again.

Walt and Eileen Richardson

Hendersonville, NC