Paint Color Consulting


If your paint colors don't work, nothing will look quite right.

Choosing successful colors is an essential part of every painting project. Color is the first thing everyone sees and evaluates, and color is what you live with.

When you use skillfully chosen, strategically placed colors, you can showcase the best features of your home and minimize the impact of less attractive ones.

Successful color plans

The two essential elements of a successful plan are color selection and color placement.

Everyone focuses on color selection, but the real magic of paint comes from using color strategically to enhance, enlarge, feature, decorate, correct, camouflage, minimize, define and more.  

Sandy LeRoy is a noted architectural paint color consultant who regularly teaches and writes about color. Using her expertise and cutting edge technology, Sandy will show you ways to transform your home or business and add value through creative use of colors you'll love.

"On a day to day basis in my retail business it is seldom that I meet anyone with such an extraordinary command of the use of color as Sandy LeRoy. I have also had the pleasure of assisting her in some of her local workshops concerning the usage of color, and always leave there amazed at her depth of knowledge.

Whether it staging of an existing home for sale, or a color and design consultation when building or remodeling, she is clearly the person to call."

Tommy Williamson

Williamson's Paint Center, Landrum, SC

Call Sandy: 828-692-4355

A free service to our painting clients

We place such importance on successful colors that Sandy provides free paint color consulting and design services to our painting clients.

What a color consultation includes

Here are some of the things Sandy will consider during your consultation:

  • the architecture of your house to determine the design and layout for the best approach to color selection and placement, including where color should start and stop in open concept plans
  • the colors in key permanent features such as flooring, carpet, counter tops, tile and cabinets for interiors, and the roof, stonework and landscaping for exteriors
  • architectural details to determine which should be accented, defined or enhanced, and which should be camouflaged.
  • the effects of natural and artificial lighting
  • whether color could address design issues, such as a low ceiling, large open spaces or an awkwardly placed door
  • your belongings to be certain the key pieces will coordinate well with the paint colors
  • features that could receive special treatment, if desired
  • additional ways to make your house look its best, including cosmetic repairs.

Sandy will recommend a palette of paint colors and sheens, including the potential use of historic or regional colors, and arrange for you to receive large samples to help you make your final choices


What does a color consultation cost?

Option #1 - Color and Detailing Consultation When We do the Painting:   FREE

Option #2 - Two Hour Consultation and Paint Color Samples:   $250 **

Each additional hour:  $95

** Travel charges may apply in some areas

Call Sandy: 828-692-4355


"Sandy assisted our committee in selecting a new exterior color for our 42 unit condominium.   She is immensely talented, well-prepared, uses the latest technology and has an abundance of resources to help make a stressful job a lot of fun.  She is thorough, patient, insightful and a great communicator.   We were all very impressed with Sandy and we give her our highest recommendation."

The Brow Condominium Board

Columbus, NC

"Sandy's insight and ideas truly benefited our house. The colors she helped us pick turned out to be amazing. We are so pleased with how it all came together and we are truly thankful for Sandy's guidance. She is highly recommended by us. *****"

Matt Bracken

Asheville, NC

"When my husband and I bought our house, Sandy came to color consult. Her knowledge of colors is amazing. She looked around at all of our furniture which was a merge of my new husbands's and my own. I thought she was going to tell me to get rid of half of it. But with her great "eye", she saw one pillow that matched two chairs we have, and she then set to work to pick out colors for all the walls and ceilings, and to match tile flooring. All from that one pillow! It all looks perfect, and I would never had the nerve to pick out the colors she did, it is marvelous! Note only does she have an incredible flair for color, but also texture, where to place furniture, paintings, everything. The feeling you experience when you come to our home is just what we wanted, everything blends from room to room. You will be very satisfied with her expertise!"

Janet Sciacca

Tryon, NC

"I have used Sandy to assist my clients and myself in choosing paint colors in preparation for the sale of homes, or to change the existing colors after buying a home. Her wise choices have had a huge impact on the marketability of the property. She knows the nuances of color the way a chef knows flavors. She works with the homeowners' preferences, and show the homeowners why a color choice is made and how to make additional choices in the future."

Cheryl Macphail

Beverly-Hanks, Asheville

"Sandy, the colors you suggested for my home add the warmth and style I desired."

Debbie Penney

Saluda, NC

"Sandy has fantastic color sense and has helped us choose the right color both inside and out."

Margot and Terry Eld

Kenmure, Flat Rock, NC

"Sandy brought a balance of peace and energy throughout our house with the art of placement and color selection."

Diane and Dan Hallman

The Cliffs at Glassy, Landrum, SC