Exterior painting project by Sterling Property Services, Highland Lake, Flat Rock, NC

Fine craftsmanship, premium materials, plus expert color selection and placement will transform your house from ordinary to spectacular.

What to Expect When We Do An Exterior Project For You

  • Careful protection of the areas adjacent to the work, including your landscaping
  • Thorough, correct surface preparation.
  • Expert cosmetic repairs
  • Help choosing the perfect colors to showcase your home
  • Use of the finest materials your budget allows
  • Application of materials to professional standards
  • Thorough cleaning when the work is done
  • Written paint and color specifications for your records

Front Door Refinishing - One of Our Specialties

The front door is the most important exterior detail of your house. Not only is it the place where you welcome visitors, it's the focal point that brings the color plan to life and subtly demonstrates how well the house in maintained.

If the paint or stain on your front door is in poor condition, or if the color just doesn't create the effect you want, we can help.

Call Sandy to schedule an estimate: 828-692-4355


"The mountains will surely test the durability of outdoor paint and stain. Our deck, front porch and garage doors were in desperate need of attention, and thanks to Roger, everything has been restored to its original brilliance. His experience and uncompromising standards ensured a perfect outcome, and that that we are extremely grateful. We would not hesitate to recommend Sterling to anyone requiring any of the range of services they offer. Roger and Sandy are both totally reliable, and they are a delight to work with."

Rick and Carol Steif

The Cliffs Valley, Travelers Rest

"Once again, Sandy and Roger exceeded our expectations. We wanted the job done right and it was. Roger is a perfectionist when it comes to preparation and painting, and Sandy's help with color was invaluable. We highly recommend them."

Hunter Marks

Hendersonville, NC

"Roger did an outstanding job cleaning, caulking and re-coating our home...This house looks like new construction. I would highly recommend Roger to anyone looking for competent, thorough and professional work. With Roger, you truly get what you pay for."

Alan and Martha Roblee

Kenmure, Flat Rock

"I want to thank you for the beautiful and professional painting job that Roger did on the exterior of our house and garage. Every inch was properly prepped and painted. I am confident that our home will be looking exceptional in the  years to come.

Roger was so easy to work with and so knowledgeable regarding every aspect of the job. I knew the first time he came to give us an estimate that we were going to like working together, and even the dogs loved having Roger here every day. There were never any additional charges or fees, and the work was completed on time. Thank you for a job exceptionally well done!"

Tracy and Mark Deaver

Columbus, NC

"When we bought our Saluda home seven years ago, it had been through a controlled burn that went wrong, and it was black with smoke and soot. Roger impressed us with his knowledge and experience. When he pressure-cleaned the house, a warm brown wood emerged from the soot and the house smiled. When Roger finished the job, the house positively glowed. Thank you Sterling Property Services for releasing our vision and letting the house shine."

Richard and Barbara Sharkey

Saluda, NC

"Please thank Roger for his beautiful work. We were absolutely thrilled with his efforts to make our home beautiful outside and have nothing but wonderful things to say about him and his dedication to turning our sow's ear into a silk purse."

Betsy Graber

Lake Lure

"We are so glad that Matthew Baker recommended you to us. Thank you, Sandy, for your color recommendations. And, thank you Roger, for your stellar work. We are so pleased with all you have done. We hope you will be able to find time in your schedule for our long list of needs. Please feel free to use us for a reference."

Kathy and Matts Hellstrom

Columbus, NC

"Sterling Properties is a company my husband and I would recommend without hesitation.  Working with Roger and Sandy was a pleasure from beginning to end.  Their combined knowledge and skills resulted in an amazing transformation of the exterior of our home."

Chris Reed

Tryon, NC

"Have used Sterling Properties for both house painting and power washing and have been extremely impressed with both the quality of the work and the professionalism of the company.  Plan to use again!"

Kathy Postelle

The Cliffs Valley, Travelers Rest

" I am so glad I found Sterling Property Services! After a thorough (free) consultation, I was able to put together a long term plan for my house exterior care, and get complete quotes for work that needed to be done this year. First step was to power wash my entire house and deck to eliminate discoloration, mold and other destructive forces. Places I would have never thought about washing looked like new in a few short days. Second, certain parts needed to be repainted to reverse premature weathering. Roger took the time to explain the different products that would be best for our environment and desired look. Sandy matched the paint perfectly, and when the project was completed the house looked new! Not only was the work impeccable, but the overall service was excellent. The quotes were detailed and within my budget. Sterling Property Services showed up on time, every time and schedules were clearly communicated. The attention to detail was a rare find these days, including the clearly labeled samples for use later if needed. Well, I guess by now you have figured out that I can highly recommend this company, and will certainly be calling them again when we need to care for our home's exterior."

Merry Guy

Hendersonville, MC